Baron Scrooge, formerly known as Ebenezer Scrooge, exists as a haunting specter within the complex web of New Gaslight's underbelly. His transformation into an entity of sanguine blood has bound him to an intricate life-supporting apparatus, a maddening assembly of tubes, machines, and arcane mechanisms that tirelessly pump blood from an unspeakable trade to maintain his enduring existence. This mechanical monstrosity, a grotesque arrangement of serpentine pipes, slick cogs, and whirling devices, serves as an eerie testament to his relentless pursuit of life. The chambers housing this dreadful spectacle are adorned with jet-black symbols and runes, mute witnesses to the dark sorcery Scrooge commands to hold on to his wretched existence.

His encounter with the Grim Reaper only served to ignite an unwavering yearning for immortality within Scrooge. To this end, he ventured into the abyss of the forbidden arts, striking deals with malevolent creatures and trading the blood of innumerable victims for profane knowledge and untold power. His inborn greed, coupled with this newfound obsession, sculpted him into a beast more horrifying than any could have imagined.

Despite his monstrous character, Scrooge is hailed as the chief benefactor to the city's orphanages. An abundance of fresh blood is assured through this perverse philanthropy, maintaining a continuous supply for his life-sustaining machinery. He indulges in this cruel charity, finding a twisted joy in playing the savior to the city's children, even as he drains their innocence dry. An alliance with the youthful yet potent Dracula fortifies his dominion and wealth, as they share an insatiable appetite for all things forbidden and debauched.

Rumors of the Blood Baron's true nature lurk within the city's hidden corners, whispering tales of an immortal creature preying on the living. To those enticed by the dreadful allure of dark arts or eager to bargain with infernal entities, the Blood Baron is a formidable and wealthy ally. He is a patron of the macabre, capable of manifesting one's most ominous desires, albeit for a daunting price.

During his relentless quest for immortality, Scrooge orchestrated a pact with Dracula years ago. He accepted the state of sanguine blood, which gifted him a twisted form of immortality contingent upon constant infusions of blood and the machinery that had become his eternal companion. This arrangement solidified Scrooge's position as the Blood Baron, amplifying his already fearsome influence within the haunted walls of New Gaslight.

His dealings with the shunned Opere, a group reviled and yet feared by society, grant him an exquisite collection of films and artwork. Confined within his extravagant estate due to his advanced age exceeding 160 years, Scrooge indulges in a sedentary lifestyle filled with cinema, art exhibitions, grand balls, and galas. These forms of decadent entertainment not only serve as a distraction but also display his power and wealth, as the world's finest talents flock to his home to perform for him.

Scrooge was already a prosperous magnate during the Martian invasion over a century ago. The world of New Gaslight, in many ways, has been molded by his unyielding grip. The ruthless decisions he made in the past still echo through the city's winding alleys and decayed tunnels, a chilling testament to his indomitable will and influence. His presence, his decisions, his manipulations, all of them have left a lasting imprint on the fabric of the city, shaping its culture, its economy, and its very character.

Despite his monstrous persona, the Blood Baron has managed to garner the loyalty of a considerable fraction of the city's populace. He is a master manipulator, adept at exploiting fear and desire for personal gain. His loyal followers view him as a potent ally, a benefactor of the dark arts capable of manifesting their deepest, darkest aspirations.

The Blood Baron's influence stretches across the city, permeating every aspect of its existence. His connections reach deep into the criminal underworld, and his vast wealth grants him the power to bribe and manipulate city officials, ensuring their complacent ignorance towards his more sinister activities.

His insatiable thirst for immortality has led him down a terrifying path. The deals he's made with unholy creatures, the sacrifices he's offered in exchange for illicit knowledge and power, all testify to the lengths he's willing to go to cheat death. The perverse alliance he shares with the potent Dracula only amplifies his power, both of them reveling in their shared taste for the forbidden.

The Blood Baron's relentless need for blood knows no bounds. He funds the city's orphanages to ensure a constant supply of fresh blood to his machines. This grim philanthropy brings him perverse pleasure, casting himself in the role of savior, even as he leeches the life force from the city's innocent children.

Even with this omnipresent power and influence, the Blood Baron's encounter with death remains a specter that haunts his every waking moment. The thought that his state of sanguine blood might one day be insufficient to keep the hand of fate at bay fuels his obsession for immortality. Driven to the precipice of insanity, he will stop at nothing in his quest to conquer death.

The legacy of the Blood Baron is one that promises suffering and pain for generations yet unborn. A creature of greed and darkness, he embodies the terrifying lengths one can go in the pursuit of power and immortality. Any who dare cross him do so at their peril. The chilling reign of the Blood Baron stands as a terrifying testament to the extremes of human ambition and the monstrous consequences of unchecked desire.