Percy Scarlett [Sir Percy Blakeney II]


Percy is known for his expansive mask collection.

In the heart of New Gaslight, a desolate and ruined cityscape scarred by the relentless onslaught of war and the haunting memory of the Martian invasion a century ago, Sir Percy Blakeney II emerges as a formidable figure, shedding his last name as an act of defiance against the legacy of cruelty and abuse that plagued his childhood. At the age of 37, Percy stands as the lone survivor of the once-powerful Blakeney clan on Earth, as the Oz portal's closure shattered their "labor-trading" empire two decades ago, leaving him isolated among the remnants of a shattered lineage built off the extreme exploitation of the Ozmandians.

His journey commenced in a life where luxury and privilege permeated every corner of his existence. His family, known for their high status in the plundered Emerald City of Oz, reveled in the spoils of their ill-gotten wealth. However, Percy, an only son, chose to carve his own destiny, a decision that would forever set him apart from his lineage.

Beneath the veneer of opulence, the Blakeney household harbored deep-rooted darkness. Percy's father, the formidable Baron Blakeney, embodied cruelty and abuse, relentlessly tormenting his young son with both physical and emotional anguish. The Opere condition, a hereditary anomaly that plagued Percy, was a source of deep resentment and disdain from his father, the Baron. This affliction, caused by a peculiar cold-like disease, held the power to transform the trajectory of one's life. If it infected a pregnant woman, it had the potential to manifest in her child, condemning them to a life marked by the Opere condition.

Percy's mother, unfortunately, fell victim to this fate. She contracted the insidious illness during her pregnancy, and the repercussions were dire. Tragically, she did not survive the childbirth, leaving Percy to face the world without the warmth and guidance of a mother's love. The loss of his mother, coupled with the burden of his Opere condition, forged a bitter connection within his father's heart—a disdain that ran deep, fueled by a mixture of grief, disappointment, and resentment.

The Opere condition's manifestation in Percy was not overtly disfiguring, unlike the typical physical characteristics associated with it. However, it served as a stark reminder of his perceived imperfection within the Blakeney bloodline. This perceived flaw further widened the chasm between father and son, intensifying the Baron's contempt for Percy. No matter how accomplished or capable Percy became, his father's rejection persisted, casting a dark shadow over their relationship.

As Percy grew older, he learned to navigate the world with this burden, skillfully concealing his Opere condition from prying eyes. His face bore nearly no visible signs of the affliction, but the weight of it echoed in his soul, shaping his experiences and fueling his desire for control and dominance. The scars of his father's abuse and the absence of his mother's nurturing presence intensified his drive to establish his own identity and prove his worth, even if it meant rejecting his family's opulent lifestyle in the plundered Emerald City of Oz.

From a tender age, Percy bore the weight of his father's vitriol, subjected to the Baron's sadistic whims. Forced into brutal fencing and swordsmanship classes, Percy's body became a tapestry of scars, each etching serving as a testament to his father's relentless pursuit of control and dominance. The sword, once a symbol of valor and chivalry, transformed into a painful reminder of his father's iron grip and the bloodshed that defined their relationship.

Amidst the shadows that haunted his childhood, tragedy struck when Percy's beloved sister fell victim to a Moleke—an insidious vampire who broke the sacred vampire code of New Gaslight "No feeding from source". The attack was brutal, the jowls of the vampire leaving Percy's sister nothing more than a lifeless husk, drained of blood. The loss of his sister reverberated through his soul, shattering his innocence and fueling a deep-seated hatred for the creatures that prowled the night. The memory of her death, a vivid and haunting specter, further fueled Percy's relentless pursuit of power and control—a fervor that would shape his future endeavors.

At the tender age of fourteen, Percy's life took an unexpected turn when his father, Baron Blakeney, tasked him with overseeing their family's affairs in the lawless domain of New Gaslight. It was an act that held unforeseen consequences, as Percy discovered the extent of his newfound freedom and the depths of his own cunning.

Embracing the opportunity with fervor, Percy delved into the thriving underworld of the city, quickly realizing that he possessed a talent for manipulation and control. With a shrewd mind and a natural affinity for subterfuge, he maneuvered through the shadows, building connections and alliances that would later prove invaluable. Under the guise of the Blakeney name, he solidified his presence, transforming the family's interests into a formidable network of power and influence.

It was during these formative years that Percy's true nature blossomed. The veneer of sophistication that his family had cultivated in the Emerald City melted away, revealing a darker, more ruthless side. In the underbelly of New Gaslight, he thrived, honing his skills and embracing the inherent darkness that coursed through his veins. But as Percy reveled in his newfound independence, the world around him teetered on the brink of upheaval. Three years after assuming his role in New Gaslight, tragedy struck when the portal connecting Earth and Oz was shattered, severing ties between the realms. The cataclysmic event left the Blakeney family stranded, their empire in ruins, and Percy the sole remaining member on Earth. The consequences of the shattered portal reverberated through Percy's being, echoing the shattered fragments of his own shattered lineage. The weight of his father's disappointment and his family's downfall pressed upon him, fueling an unyielding determination to rise above the ruins that surrounded him.

In the midst of this turmoil, Percy's resolve solidified, and his ambitions intensified. Harnessing the connections he had inherited from his family's glory days, Percy embarked on a treacherous path, establishing the Scarlett Organization—a bloodthirsty cartel that swiftly rose to prominence in the dark underbelly of New Gaslight. With a cruel and tight grip, he ruled his organization, relishing in the torture and brutal tactics that mirrored the abuse he endured as a child. The scars that adorned his body, a testament to his father's forced training, served as a constant reminder of the pain that forged his ruthless nature.

Unafraid to lead from the frontlines and immerse himself in the visceral chaos of the criminal underworld, Percy found a twisted pleasure in the opportunity that lay before him. His hunger for power knew no bounds, and to achieve his insatiable ambitions, he strategically directed his resources towards the sinister workings of The Black Hand. This infamous and mysterious gang, led by none other than the most brutal and ruthless gang leader in all of New Gaslight, Fantomos, served as both a means to keep the citizens living in a perpetual state of terror and a formidable weapon in the battle against the Witch's cult.

Percy understood that fear was a potent tool, a force that could bend even the strongest to their knees. By funding The Black Hand, he ensured that its malevolent presence spread like a venomous web across the sprawling city, infiltrating its darkest corners and striking fear into the hearts of all who dared to cross their path. The gang's reputation preceded them, their nefarious acts etching a chilling mark on the collective consciousness of New Gaslight. Fantomos, with his unmatched brutality and unwavering determination, had earned his title as the most fearsome gang leader in the city, leaving a trail of bloodshed and destruction in his wake. His ruthless nature knew no bounds, as evidenced by his infamous act of beheading over a hundred individuals during a brazen bank heist, and his unforgiving ferocity displayed when he razed two square miles of the city to the ground during a brutal gang war against the Witch's cult, showing no mercy and taking no prisoners.

But there was a deeper purpose to Percy's alliance with The Black Hand—a purpose that transcended mere fear and intimidation. The Witch's cult posed a grave threat to the delicate balance of power in New Gaslight, seeking to revive the wicked witch of the west and reopen a portal to the treacherous land of Oz. The implications of such an act were unfathomable, and Percy knew that he had to confront this imminent danger head-on. Through his collaboration with Fantomos and his brutal gang, he marshaled a force capable of taking the fight to the Witch's cult, engaging in a battle of epic proportions to thwart their sinister plans and safeguard the city he ruled with an iron fist.

In this intricate dance of power and deception, Percy's funding of The Black Hand served dual purposes. On one hand, it kept the citizens in a constant state of terror, reinforcing his control over New Gaslight and dissuading any notions of rebellion. On the other hand, it provided him with a formidable army to wage war against the Witch's cult, a battle that held the fate of the city in the balance. Percy's intricate web of alliances and his unwavering determination solidified his dominance, ensuring that New Gaslight remained firmly under his grasp, and that the wicked forces seeking to plunge the city into darkness would face an unyielding and merciless resistance.

Amidst the ever-shifting landscape of New Gaslight, Sir Percy Blakeney II mastered the careful balance between ruthless warlord and refined elite. While his ironclad grip on the city's criminal underbelly was known far and wide, he understood the importance of maintaining appearances in the upper echelons of New Gaslight's high society. Behind closed doors, he orchestrated a grand masquerade, effortlessly blending into the opulent gatherings and glittering soirees that defined the city's elite class.

In the daylight, Percy projected an image of refined elegance, clad in impeccably tailored suits that concealed the scars and remnants of his brutal upbringing. He played the part of the respected aristocrat, effortlessly navigating the intricate web of social etiquette and political maneuvering that defined the upper crust of New Gaslight. Within this realm of influence, his connections and associations were carefully cultivated, solidifying his position as both a feared crime lord and a revered member of high society.

Central to his carefully crafted image was the Scarlett Textile Brand, a ruthless empire built on the exploitation of fabrics, textiles, and sweatshops. Under the guise of legitimacy, Percy amassed immense wealth and power, utilizing his control over the production and distribution of textiles to exert influence and maintain a stronghold on New Gaslight's economy. The Scarlett Textile Brand became synonymous with both opulence and exploitation, its luxurious fabrics adorning the wealthy elite while concealing the dark secrets of the sweatshops that fueled its success.

Yet, despite his outward veneer of dominance, Percy harbored a haunting truth. His Opere condition, a closely guarded secret, had rendered him infertile, leaving him unable to produce an heir to secure his legacy. The weight of this hidden burden gnawed at his soul, intensifying his obsession with power and control. He became consumed with the need to perpetuate his empire and ensure the continuity of his influence in the face of his own mortality.

Within the confines of his marriage to Marguerite, their relationship deteriorated into a cold and loveless charade. Marguerite, ever the socialite, played her part in upholding Percy's facade of respectability, attending high-profile events and dazzling the city's elite with her beauty and charm. The void between them grew wider with each passing day, exacerbated by Percy's hidden secret and Marguerite's betrayal.

It was in the arms of a bouncer and bodyguard at Dracula's premier blood rave club, that Marguerite sought solace from the emptiness of her marriage. The forbidden romance pierced Percy's heart, igniting a blaze of fury and resentment within him. The betrayal only fueled his hunger for control and his bitter hatred of all things vampire, pushing him to greater depths of cruelty as he fought to reclaim the dominion slipping from his grasp.

As the threads of Percy's existence grew ever more tangled, he found solace in the dual roles he played—a merciless crime lord reigning over New Gaslight's dark underbelly, and a distinguished figure within the upper echelons of society. In this delicate dance between power and refinement, he found a semblance of fulfillment, a temporary respite from the void that consumed him. And as the city's fate hung in the balance, Percy's ambitions burned brighter than ever, driving him to grasp the reins of destiny and shape New Gaslight in his image.