Ebenezer Scrooge

In the grim and unforgiving city of New Gaslight, where power is measured by the strength of one's fists and the depth of their secrets, there exists a figure both feared and revered—the enigmatic Baron Munchausen. Once a member of the affluent and influential elites, his life took a tragic turn when a mysterious event transformed him into a formidable emperor penguin, forever severing his ties to humanity.

With the passage of time, Munchausen's transformation granted him more than just a new physical form; it ignited a sinister connection to the Onryo, the Ice Witches of the Great North. As these mystical beings, along with various other races, emerged from the shadows during the Martian-Earth Wars, their homelands ravaged by the collapse of the climate, Munchausen found himself intertwined with their ancient magick and their shared desire for retribution.

Where once he may have been considered one of the more benevolent members of the elite, Munchausen's metamorphosis birthed a darkness within him—a ruthlessness and obsession that overshadowed any remnants of his former self. Consumed by his penguin form and the power coursing through his veins, he yearned for nothing less than freezing the entire planet, seeking to bring the world to a standstill, a frozen tableau of his own creation.

The ties that bind Munchausen to the Onryo are both deep and intricate. He shares their pain, their anger, and their thirst for vengeance. Their ancient knowledge and forbidden magicks have intertwined with his very essence, corrupting him with an insatiable hunger for power. No longer content with his previous station, he clawed his way to the forefront of New Gaslight's power struggles, leveraging his wealth and influence to manipulate those around him, even the Ice Witches themselves.

Driven by his obsession and a newfound brutality, Munchausen's actions grew increasingly darker. He reveled in the blackness that now coursed through his veins, embracing the depths of his own malevolence. The once-kind-hearted nobleman became a tyrant, ruling over his subjects with an iron fist, his cruelty matched only by his insatiable thirst for dominance.

Within the grand halls of his opulent manor, Munchausen delved deeper into the forbidden arts, exploring the darkest corners of magick and wielding it as a weapon against those who dared to oppose him. His connection to the Onryo granted him immense power over ice and cold, allowing him to unleash devastating spells and freeze the very souls of his enemies.

Yet, even amidst the icy grip of his reign, there lingers a fragment of the man he once was—a flicker of remorse buried deep within the recesses of his heart. He is tormented by the echoes of his past, haunted by the choices he has made and the innocent lives he has irrevocably altered. But the seductive allure of darkness holds him captive, drawing him further into its clutches with each passing day.

Compounding his twisted pursuits, Munchausen finds himself entangled with the mysterious and sinister figure known as Herbert Von Stein. This mad and enigmatic doctor, known by countless names such as Frankenstein, The Butcher, and Rotmother, operates in the shadows, pushing science and magickk into their darkest reaches. Von Stein's horrific experiments fuel the creation of monsters and mutants that plague the city, and Munchausen, despite his vehement opposition to such atrocities in the past, now funds these abominations. Blinded by his desperate hope for a reversal of his own condition, Munchausen believes that Von Stein's twisted experiments may hold the key to his redemption.

The irony of Munchausen's alliance with Von Stein was not lost on him. Once a nobleman who championed justice and righteousness, he had now become an accomplice in perpetuating the very horrors he once despised. The weight of his guilt gnawed at him, a constant reminder of the moral compromise he had made.

In the twisted and treacherous world of New Gaslight, where power and despair intertwine, Baron Munchausen stands as a chilling testament to the potential for corruption that resides within all souls. With his frozen heart and his insidious connection to the Ice Witches, he navigates the fragile balance between power and madness, haunted by his own inner demons. Will he succumb to the abyss that beckons him, or will he find a sliver of redemption within the frozen wasteland he seeks to create? Only time will reveal the fate of Baron Munchausen and the depths of darkness that lie within his tortured soul.