John Carter & Xarxas

The Last of the Martians

In the realm of the Gaslight Chronicles, where the veil between worlds is as thin as a whisper, two Martian souls find themselves entangled in a cosmic dance of rivalry and addiction. Xarxas and John Carter, remnants of a shattered Mars, each bear the weight of their separate pasts, while navigating the treacherous landscape of New Gaslight.

Xarxas, an abomination of Martian descent, stands as a grotesque testament to the horrors of their ancestral homeland. His form, twisted and grotesque, is a stark contrast to the noble heritage he once embodied. Slender and towering, his elongated limbs sway with slimy tentacles, an unsettling reminder of the ancient tripods that once roamed the Martian wastelands. Sickly green skin clings to his skeletal frame, illuminated by the malevolent light that emanates from his eyes, like dark beacons in the night. Swathed in a long coat woven from ethereal fabrics, Xarxas exudes an aura of otherworldly malevolence. His arsenal is a testament to his cunning and ruthlessness—a laser gun and a plasma sword, instruments of death and chaos.

Xarxas, burdened by the weight of his species' extinction, stands as the solitary figure bearing the scars of a dying race. Among the desolate remnants of his once-thriving Martian brethren, he stands alone—a pariah in a world not his own. Born on Earth, the wasteland of New Gaslight has exacted its toll upon him, leaving him with a constant cough that racks his frail frame and a perpetual shortness of breath. The very air he inhales carries the whispers of a lost civilization, the echoes of a time long past. With every labored breath, he bears witness to the annihilation of a world, the final remnants of Martian heritage slipping through his grasp like sand in an hourglass. In his solitude, he carries the weight of his species' demise—a burden etched upon his countenance and eternally etched within his weary soul. Xarxas, the last of his kind, is the embodiment of a tragic reality— he is the last Martian on Earth.

But beneath this formidable facade lies a shared affliction that binds Xarxas and John together—a dependence on substances that offer fleeting solace from the burdens of their existence. Xarxas, consumed by the allure of a mysterious Martian drug, dances on the precipice of addiction. Its alien elixir courses through his veins, granting him enhanced abilities while miring him in a vortex of unpredictability and loss of control. The drug becomes his crutch, a source of power and torment in equal measure.

John Carter, on the other hand, finds solace in the bitter embrace of alcohol—a respite from the nightmares that haunt his sleep and the weight of his fractured past. His weary frame, weathered by the ravages of time, bears witness to the toll of his extraordinary journey. Scars and burns, like twisted hieroglyphics, etch upon his weathered skin, tangible remnants of the cataclysmic portal malfunction that brought him hurtling through the fabric of space and time, casting him into the unforgiving embrace of New Gaslight. The pain he carries is twofold, both physical and emotional, an unyielding burden that echoes through his very being. Each scar, a tragic testimony to the price he paid for his teleportation mishap, reminds him of the perils he has faced and the sacrifices he has made. Though his regenerative abilities grant him a semblance of immortality, an eerie suspension of aging, he harbors no illusions of invincibility. Reluctant to test the boundaries of his mortality, he walks a precarious path, navigating the precarious labyrinth of New Gaslight with caution and a guarded resolve.

Their rivalry, born from the clash of two Mars' separated by cosmic currents, has manifested in a series of battles that echo across the ages. Xarxas, a creature of otherworldly origins, harbors an unyielding hatred for the human race, and his vengeful gaze has long been fixed upon John Carter. Like celestial bodies locked in an eternal dance, they have collided time and again, their encounters steeped in the weight of ancient grudges and the bitter taste of animosity. Each clash is a symphony of ferocity, where the clash of their blades echoes through the desolate corridors of New Gaslight. Yet, beneath the surface of their relentless rivalry, an unspoken understanding lingers—a shared kinship that transcends their allegiance to this forsaken realm. For in the depths of their souls, they both see themselves as Martians first, citizens of this desolate realm second, bound together by the melancholic threads of their lost homeland.

Their clashes have been fierce, each encounter a testament to their unmatched prowess and unyielding determination. With every battle, their rivalry is etched deeper into the annals of New Gaslight's history, a testament to the enduring nature of their conflict. Yet, there are moments when the fickle hands of fate conspire to forge an unexpected alliance. In those rare instances, the stars align, and their rivalry is set aside, if only temporarily, in the face of a greater threat. The forces that bind them, however tenuous, compel them to put aside their differences and join forces, their abilities combining to form an unstoppable force. Such is the intricate tapestry of their existence—a tapestry woven with strands of resentment, respect, and the enduring echoes of Mars. For in the heart of their rivalry lies a grudging admiration, an acknowledgement of the formidable skills and indomitable spirits that define them.

As they navigate the twisted labyrinth of New Gaslight, Xarxas and John Carter become unwitting actors in a larger drama—a city built upon the exploitation and conquest of Oz. With the portal's closure, the balance of power within the city teeters on a precipice. Scarred by the loss of their primary resource, New Gaslight's elites turn their gaze inward, their thirst for dominance and control intensifying with each passing day. The struggle for survival becomes more brutal, resources more scarce, and the shadow of a ruined world looms over the city, casting a pall of despair upon its inhabitants.

In this grim landscape, Xarxas and John Carter must navigate a world reeling from the absence of Oz. Their shared Martian heritage fuels their determination, but it is their addictions that threaten to consume them whole. As the city spirals into chaos and corruption, they find themselves entangled in a web of power struggles, where alliances shift like sand in a gusting wind. Their destinies remain intertwined, their fates bound by the threads of a dark and enigmatic past.

Within the hallowed walls of Dio's Respite, Xarxas and John Carter stand as two of the most revered and sought-after figures. Their formidable skills, unparalleled expertise, and notorious reputations have elevated them to the status of legends within the clandestine underworld of New Gaslight. The barons and wealthy elites, hungry for power and protection, vie for their services, recognizing the unrivaled prowess that these mercenary warriors bring to the table. Xarxas, with his alien grace and lethal precision, strikes fear into the hearts of those who dare cross him. His reputation as a master assassin and manipulator precedes him, making him a coveted asset for those seeking to eliminate their enemies discreetly. John Carter, on the other hand, commands respect with his unwavering resolve and battle-hardened experience. His skills as a warrior, honed through countless battles on the distant plains of Mars, are unmatched in their lethal efficiency. With their shared Martian heritage and unwavering loyalty to their own moral codes, Xarxas and John Carter have forged a formidable legacy within Dio's Respite, a sanctuary where their talents are held in high esteem and their names whispered with reverence.

Together, they stand as hardened warriors, battered souls in an unforgiving world, united by the scars of their shared existence. As the city gasps for breath and humanity claws its way towards dominance, Xarxas and John Carter must find a way to navigate the treacherous currents of New Gaslight, their spirits tested, their loyalties wavering. In this realm where shadows lurk and hope flickers as a dying flame, they strive to carve out their place, clinging to the memories of a Martian heritage long gone, fighting to preserve their identity and purpose in a world that seeks to swallow them whole.