Arsène Lupin

Mask of Arsene Lupin appearing from the mysterious fog

In the heart of a desolate and ruined Earth, scarred by the relentless onslaught of the centuries-long war and the haunting memory of the Martian invasion that ravaged the planet a century ago, lies New Gaslight—a sprawling dystopia that stands as a testament to mankind's hubris and insatiable drive for survival. This city is a place where hope flickers like a dying ember of a last cigarette, struggling to ignite against the cold winds of despair that sweep through its broken streets. Born from the exploitation and colonization of the once-vibrant Land of Oz, New Gaslight rises like a defiant monument—a final bastion of humanity amidst the ruins. Here, within this labyrinthine enclave, stark contrasts intertwine with grim elegance, as the downtrodden slums, where destitution gnashes its teeth, entwine with opulent mansions that stand as beacons of decadence. The cityscape, a dark tapestry woven with strands of misery and opulence, beckons the lost and the desperate, promising salvation or damnation in equal measure.

Amidst this dystopian landscape, Arsène Lupin emerges as a legend—a phantom thief who prowls the shadows of New Gaslight, striking fear into the hearts of the wealthy elite while championing the cause of the downtrodden. But the road that led Lupin to his life of daring heists and audacious exploits was paved with hardship and resilience.

Lupin first drew breath amidst the grim confines of the penumbral outskirts of New Gaslight, on the very precipice where the unending maelstrom fog meets the city's watchful guard towers. His cradle was not a bed of roses, but the raw, relentless realities of a life lived in a panopticon mining town—one of the countless such settlements that straddle the borderlands of the city.

These harsh precincts were presided over by the iron fist of the Coal Queen Dedlock, a woman whose heart echoed the cold steel of her crown. Unflinching in her pursuit of power and wealth, she bore no regard for the toil and hardship of her subjects, who sweated and bled in the labyrinthine coal mines that spread beneath the town like skeletal remains.

It was during these bleak years that a tragic event unfolded, forever altering the course of Lupin's life. At the tender age of 11, driven to the edge by the cruelty and hopelessness of his surroundings, Lupin found himself caught in a violent altercation with a fellow worker. In a moment of desperate fury, he took a life, an act that would haunt him for the rest of his days. The consequences were swift and merciless. He was swiftly sent to a juvenile prison, a grim institution that housed the discarded souls of New Gaslight.

For eight long years, Lupin languished within the confines of the prison walls, grappling with the weight of his actions and the darkness that threatened to consume him. Eight years of harsh, unrelenting and unpaid labor, of brutal prison brawls and abuse guards living in conditions not much above those they abused. It was during this time that he honed his natural cunning and resourcefulness, learning the art of survival in a place where violence and despair reigned supreme. But despite the trials and tribulations, Lupin emerged from his imprisonment with a newfound resolve—a determination to forge a different path and redeem himself in a city that offered little chance of salvation.

Released at the age of 19, Lupin embarked on a journey of self-discovery, seeking to reshape his destiny and leave behind the haunting specter of his past. It was during this tumultuous period that he encountered the Robinhood Organization—a corrupt activist cult that, in its inception, had held the promise of a just cause. The organization required its members to strip themselves of their identities, adorning a skull face tattoo and donning the uniform of the legendary outlaw, Robin Hood. This disguise provided them with a cloak of anonymity, allowing the organization to operate with relative impunity. United by their shared desire to defy the oppressive rule of the wealthy elite, Lupin joined their ranks, ascending through the ranks to become a lieutenant within the organization.

But as time passed, the Robinhood Organization lost its way. The noble ideals that had once fueled their fight against injustice became twisted and perverted by the allure of power and personal gain. Corruption seeped into the very foundations of the organization, eroding its purpose and turning it into a mere shadow of its former self. Lupin, disillusioned by the rampant moral decay, made the decision to sever ties with the corrupt cult after twelve long years of service. He chose to walk a different path—one that would allow him to champion the cause of the oppressed without compromising his own principles.

In a serendipitous intersection of destinies, it was then that Lupin found a fellow wayfarer in Chingachgook, an Ozmandian human of formidable stature and captivating golden eyes—features that distinguished his Ozmandian ancestry. Ozmandian humans, having diverged evolutionarily from their Earthly counterparts, possess larger physiques and formidable forearms that terminate in robust, calloused hands of colossal proportions. Chingachgook, in spite of approaching his nineties, was no exception to this rule. His stature remained imposing, and the inherent strength of his physique was discernible beneath the the myraid of wrinkles and pockmarks that littered his body. Chingachgook bore the weight of tragic histories and lost battles etched into his being. He was a warrior-chief, a vestige of a nearly extinct tribe, decimated during the brutal Ozmandian occupation. His son, like most of his brethren, had been claimed by the relentless churn of failed uprisings and futile rebellions, leaving Chingachgook adrift in a sea of haunting memories and unspeakable sorrow.

Yet, despite their heartrending pasts, these two souls discovered an unexpected solace within each other's company. Their shared experiences of loss and survival, oppression and resistance, wove a tapestry of shared understanding, of kinship, solidifying a bond that would weather the unforgiving storms of their existence. Together, they staked a claim within the pulsating heart of New Gaslight, opening an antique shop—a veneer of unassuming normalcy that belied the covert operations simmering beneath its surface. In this clandestine haven, Lupin and Chingachgook lived dual lives, embodying the paradox of antiquarian salesmen by day and secretive vigilantes by night, their every breath a testament to their indefatigable pursuit of something more than their dystopia world can truly offer them.

Lupin's signature style reflects his enigmatic persona. He wears a Mardi Gras masquerade mask adorned with feathers, an emblem of his mysterious allure and his ability to slip seamlessly through the darkest corners of New Gaslight. His attire consists of a jet-black turtleneck and leather holsters, a practical yet stylish ensemble that serves as a constant reminder of the dangerous world he navigates. Armed with his exceptional skills and uncanny resourcefulness, Lupin carries a revolver with deadly precision. However, in contrast to the ruthless nature of his chosen profession, Lupin adheres strictly to a no-kill code. He understands the weight of a life taken and seeks alternative means to achieve his objectives, relying on his wit and agility to outmaneuver his adversaries.

In the twisted tapestry of New Gaslight, Lupin's legend grows, his exploits whispered in hushed tones among both the elite and the oppressed. Through his daring heists and audacious acts of thievery, Lupin seeks to redistribute the ill-gotten wealth of the elite, striking at the very core of their power and privilege. In a city where darkness thrives and redemption seems but a fleeting dream, Arsène Lupin—The Phantom Thief of New Gaslight—stands as a beacon of defiance. He defies the boundaries imposed by society and challenges the notion of justice, walking the fine line between hero and outlaw. With each calculated move, he strives to unravel the intricate web of corruption that ensnares the city, inching closer to the truth and the redemption he seeks. In a world teetering on the edge of oblivion, Lupin remains a force to be reckoned with—a force that refuses to be silenced, as he whispers hope into the desolate winds of New Gaslight.