A Spotlight Into Gaslight Chonicles - 5000 Page Views, First Public Card

We're buzzing with joy as Gaslight Chronicles has hit the 5K page views mark! And as a thank you, we're pulling back the curtain to reveal our public first card from the upcoming game.

Keep in mind, this card design is still in beta. Our devoted team is polishing the gameplay to ensure it's something that will hook and immerse you.

Time to shine a light on Gaslight Chronicles' unique system: a card offering two gameplay modes. Think of it as two games in one card!

Card Mock up bv59

Our first card, a creature type card, features a somewhat powerful Homunculi with the Wall ability.

In Sceance mode[working name], get set for a Monster Battling Trading Card Game (TCG) rollercoaster. Summon monsters, strategize, and dive into the thrill of battles using our D6 system. It's a game suitable for TCG vets and newcomers alike.

Renegade mode[working name] takes you on a Dungeon Crawling Board Game journey. Explore New Gaslight's depths, face dangerous enemies, scavange for powerful loot, and complete intense quests across multiple floors. This mode will keep you gripped as you traverse the smoggy sprawl and corrupted dungeons.

Additionaly, We're planning to expand Gaslight Chronicles with engaging short stories, each adding more intrigue to New Gaslight. Plus, we're dropping a hint about a Gaslight Chronicles audio work that's in the pipeline. Keep an ear out for more from our grimdark world.

As we polish Gaslight Chronicles, we'll keep unveiling more cards, enhancing the lore, and refining the rules and continue to share our journey to creating an unforgettable game with you.

Thank you for being part of Gaslight Chronicles and exploring New Gaslight with us. Stay tuned to our website for updates, news, and exclusive content.

Here's to building a one of a kind experience and a wonderful community!

-Search Unlock [Lead Systems and Gameplay Designer]