Bestiary Added and A Milestone Reached!

We gather amidst the shadows, bearing news of both triumph and revelation. The Gaslight Chronicles website has achieved a formidable milestone: 2000 page views. To those who wander these desolate digital landscapes, we extend our sincerest gratitude for your unwavering support.

In this momentous occasion, we unveil a new addition to our somber realm—the Bestiary. Within its pages, you shall encounter a menagerie of grotesque wonders and mythical horrors. Each creature, meticulously cataloged and vividly depicted, shall guide you through the mysteries of our sinister world. More creatures will be written into this tome as time passes, so be sure to check back often!


Embrace the enigma that lies before you. Embark upon this descent into darkness, where the unknown intertwines with the very essence of our existence. Discover the RatHench, elusive and fearsome, prowling through fog-laden streets. Marvel at the majestic Will-o-Wisps, soaring above the cityscape, feeding upon the smog with ethereal grace.

As we venture onward, hand in hand, let us cherish this milestone—2000 souls bound by a shared fascination. Together, we shall navigate the labyrinthine corridors of New Gaslight, illuminating the depths of our collective curiosity even as the shadows threaten to consume us.

Join us on this dark journey, as we explore the secrets of the Bestiary and unlock the echoes of our deepest fears. For within the embrace of despair, a glimmer of humanity persists—a fragile light that guides us through the encroaching darkness.

Dare to tread the ever rising tides of New Gaslight, a place of sink or swim, where the macabre dances with the fantastic, and the essence of despair lingers in every word and image. Welcome to our world—a sanctuary for those who yearn to embrace the bleak beauty of the unknown.

-Erik Houdini (Creative Director)