The Gaslight Chronicles: Exciting New Content Schedule & Giveaway

Greetings to all our dedicated readers and tabletop enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to announce some exciting updates for The Gaslight Chronicles. As you know, our project is a continuous world-building, Epistolary-style web novel coupled with an ongoing tabletop game development. We've been posting updates on a semi-random basis while continuously improving the website with typo corrections, improvements, and more.

Starting now, we are shifting to a consistent content release schedule:

This schedule change will help us better manage our time (yes, we also have day jobs) and help you, our readers, keep up with the unfolding tales within the city. Occasionally mysterious new writings may appear on the site though, so check back often!

In addition to this, all updates and new content will be promptly posted on our Discord server, where we warmly invite all of you to join, engage in discussions, and immerse yourselves even deeper into the world of The Gaslight Chronicles. Join us at our Discord here:

As a little extra incentive, we're planning a tee-shirt giveaway once we reach our first 100 members in the Discord. So, join now and you might just get yourself some cool gear!

We look forward to continuing this exciting journey with you.

The Gaslight Chronicles Team