Announcement: The Gaslight Chronicles Now in Fallout: New Vegas!

The Gaslight Chronicles - Writings from another Wasteland Mod Out Now

Dear readers

We are happy to announce that the world of The Gaslight Chronicles has found its way into the realm of New Vegas! Thanks to the power of modding, you can now immerse yourself in the dystopian realm of magick and intrigue within your favorite post-apocalyptic RPG.

The Gaslight Chronicles are presented in collect-a-thon format, with each of 39 volumes being hand placed around the world of Fallout New Vegas. Now, you can delve into these chronicles within the comfort of your Mojave outpost, losing yourself in the tales of a world where magick, horror, humanity, and dystopian reality intertwine.

You can download the mod from the following link:

Download "The Gaslight Chronicles - Writings from another Wasteland" here

Thank you for your continued support and interest in our stories. We hope you enjoy this new way of experiencing The Gaslight Chronicles.

Happy adventuring!