The Tabletop, Night Fangs: Volume 1 and a Break

Taking a break from writing for a bit, Night Fangs #1-#5 is considered "Volume 1" of the series, as well with all the additional writings I think this is a really good break point, to focus more on the tabletop game (that's still in development!) Everything on this site has been written by me, and I've compiled it into one document. It's a novel's worth of writing, while some of the writings are better than others (The Blackening is probably my best writing.) It's still quite a bit to have written in only a few months, especially having a day job (I make no money from this project). I've got the next few issues planned out for all three series currently in play so don't worry, more content will be coming sometime next month! (though the Lupin stories are the hardest to write, being narrative poems) That said I am working on getting Volume 1 of Night Fangs out into an epub format, as well as other formats, like updating the New Vegas mod, and below you'll find a teaser of another esoteric reading method I have planned.

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